M Lamar

Funeral Doom Spiritual


First edition of 125

Perfect bound soft cover

6 x 8.25 inches

88 pages

9 black and white photographs




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Excerpt from Funeral Doom Spiritual.


The year 2116 in a great European capital constantly on fire.

(Spoken in a Low Doomsday Male Voiceover)

As the kingdom burns
A Republic of Loathing in flames
From the ashes and ruins of long dead earth
On what was once known as Easter Sunday
Our seer rises to speak

they took you from me
they took you from me

on his long ARMS
FIRE arms
took you from me

they took you from me
Law arms
Law arms fire long
took you from me


Excerpt from Hunter Hunt Hendrix’s essay, On Mourning.


There is something deep about the way that he mourns, a depth deeper perhaps than the foundations of meaning itself. In my interpretation of his work, these juxtapositions between cultural identities and narratives are the key—they are more than pastiche, more than time travel. As a queer goth opera singer of field spirituals, M Lamar finds resonances and deadlocks between different patches of history, desire and signification, engaging in a radical way with the logic of representation and the unrepresentable. His mourning is not, to put it in a clichéd way perhaps, just about darkness—it also deals with a certain deadlock that is generative.