Casey Dorobek



First edition of 125

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96 pages

81 color photographs




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...he sometimes sat here for hours, laying out these photographs or others from his collection the wrong way up, as if playing a game of patience, and that then, one by one, he turned them over, always with a new sense of surprise at what he saw, pushing the pictures back and forth and over each other, arranging them in an order depending on their family resemblances, or withdrawing them from the game until either there was nothing left but the gray tabletop, or he felt exhausted by the constant effort of thinking and remembering and had to rest on the ottoman.


— W. G. Sebald


Casey Dorobek’s Vindor looks at the ways in which contemporary architecture and visual culture have progressed, as Dorobek moves through massive urban development projects, architectural renderings for future departments of art institutions, and burgeoning consumer driven streets.